While the Teacher’s Away

Last week, I was away on a Middle School field trip, and so I left my CS II class of 6 students to their own devices.  I gave them an online quiz to complete and told them they could use a book, Google, whatever, in order to answer the questions.  They chose to show up in my classroom during our regular class meeting and work together.  For the written answers, they were the same.  They asked me first thing if I noticed anything unusual about the quiz.  To which I responded: you mean like how everything was the same?  It was funny.

Their longest answer involved writing an algorithm to make a sandwich.  While most of them wrote a paragraph explanation, one student posted an image as a response.  The image is clearly what everyone based their answer on.  But you have to admit, it’s good CS (click to see bigger):




After class today, most of the students stuck around to do more computing while I mostly checked email.  One student is working on “I survived the CS I exam” t-shirts.  Really, I think they should just teach the class from here on out.