Net Neutrality and other hot topics

This year in CS I, I decided to start each class with a current event article.  We did this last year in my Race and Gender class, and it was a great success.  So far, we’ve discussed the naked photo fiasco, the rumor that Twitter might change its feed to be more like Facebook’s and filter stuff, and today, net neutrality.

We’ve had some great conversations around these issues.  We’ve talked about how hacking happens, from social engineering and brute force attacks to code cracking.  We’ve talked about how algorithms shape what we see on Netflix, Amazon, and Facebook.  And we’ve talked about how networks work.

And that’s just in the first 10 minutes of each class.  I really like placing what we’re doing in context.  We haven’t started any coding yet, but I plan to continue the current event thing, with the students taking over in a couple of weeks.

Saying that CS is everywhere is one thing, showing that it really is, is another!

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  1. That sounds like a really great idea. Students appreciate it when any class is connected to what is going on outside school or outside classes. They will learn so much more than just coding from this class that will stick with them for a long time with an approach like that.

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