Getting into the groove

I’m getting there . . . sort of.  I teach back-to-back every other day, and I’m working getting a rhythm to that pace.  I start with homeroom, move right into CS I.  I have a weird 15 minute break, then a MS study hall.  Then lunch, then Creative Computing, then another CS I.  Some days, I don’t have that study hall, which means I have about an hour.  This week, that slot is being taken over by meetings.  Bleh.  Tomorrow, I normally don’t have anything in the morning after homeroom, but guess what? I have a meeting.

I will get there.  I will settle into a routine, and it will be smooth sailing.  The classes are rocking.  I’ve had some technical rough spots getting software to install, but the kids are great and I’ve had some great classes so far.  They’re all really lively, and everyone seems eager to learn, so yay!  I’ll have more to say about the teaching tomorrow, but now I need to close up shop.