First Day Impressions

Yesterday was our first day of classes.  It was great to have the students back, even though we had a weird schedule so we just had time for administrative stuff.  I have 3 CS classes in Upper School:  2 sections of Intro with a total of 29 students (I think; people keep adding and dropping), 1 CS II with 7 students and an 8th Grade elective with 7  students.  I lost a couple in the elective over the last couple of days.  No friends in the class.  Yay Middle School.

My CS II students were talking about how hard CS I was, especially the midterm exam.  They now want to make t-shirts that say “I survived the CS I exam” both for themselves and to sell to the CS I students.  I really didn’t think it was that hard.   It’s kind of cute that they think they survived.  Given that, I’m surprised by how many signed up.  Still, I took the feedback to heart and over the summer, I added some more assessments and readings to make sure they’re prepared.

The 8th Grade Elective is going to be interesting.  I’m trying to make it a “maker” like class with a heavy dose of CS.  I have some things planned, but I want to leave some room for them to plan some things.  There’s also a few ideas I have in mind that I don’t exactly know how to do yet, so there’s some things that I’ll be learning along with the kids, which I’m kind of used to.  But the class, despite only having 7 kids is going to be a challenge to wrangle.  They’re all pretty high energy and their interests are all over the map.  I’m hoping once we get started working on things, that energy will be channelled productively.

I think it’s going to be a great year!  I’m looking forward to seeing how the new things I’ve added go, and more importantly, seeing what the students come up with.