The invention of tabs for web browsers has been one of my favorite things that’s happened in the browser world.  However, I’m notorious for having a bunch of tabs open at once.  I currently have 20, which is a small number for me.  Some of the things that are open are things I check regularly and it doesn’t make sense to close them (email, my fitbit dashboard, Google Drive, and my course management system).  but some are documents and articles I’ve opened that I haven’t decided if it’s okay to close or not.  I have 2 spreadsheets open, a book review, a couple of grant program sites that I might apply for.  My fear is if I close them, I’ll lose them.

Bookmarking systems like Diigo, Delicious, even Storify, are ways of saving some of those things for later.  But I haven’t found a perfect system.  I have buttons for Storify, Pinterest, Diigo, and more on my browser toolbar.  The problem is, once I click one of those buttons, the article may as well not exist.  Because I don’t have a system for going back to them.  Sometimes I tweet the article and that’s all I really wanted to do, but often, I recall that several articles are related and then, either I have them up and can do something with them, or I have to go searching for them again.  Sometimes I want to share the article with my faculty.  Other times I want to share it here.  And sometimes, I’m on a different device like my iPad or phone.  And saving and sharing are different there.

I need a better system.  I need a system that works across devices.  I need a way to save something, sort it, and send it where it needs to go based on how it’s sorted.  For example, I’d love to be able to read an article and if I want to blog about it here, I could tag it “personal blog” and save the link as a draft to work with here.  If I want to send it to the school blog, I could tag it “school blog”.  Currently, IFTT can do some of that, but I have to have separate accounts.  I can’t have two blogs on IFTT and set up a recipe to send to different blogs based on a tag.  Ditto for Twitter.  But this is one of my goals, to create something that works better, that allows me to look at a tab and think about what I want to do with the information and quickly and easily do what I want to do–maybe do more than one thing with one click.  I think I just need to spend some time thinking through the system I want.  I think I have the tools already.  I just need to arrange them appropriately.  A little up front time might save me time in the long run.

If anyone has ideas, please do let me know.  What systems work for you?

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  1. I have the same problem and will be curious to see what solution you come up with. Unfortunately, my solution is similar to yours, so I don’t have anything smart to offer.

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