Savoring the last few days

This weekend is really the last weekend of summer for me.  Tuesday, the meetings begin, and the following Tuesday, the students show up.  I’m already really working, having taught the new MS students how to log into their various accounts.  But I’m trying to hold onto some free time.  So, yesterday after lunch, I didn’t do any school work.  And today I’m here to do some work and teach new US students, but I’m trying to be low key about it.  I’m trying to remember the lessons from Distraction Addiction and my own desire to not get overly stressed about stuff.   I could easily spin my wheels about prepping for class, about getting things done for faculty.  But I’m not.  I’m going to calmly work through my to-do list.  And when I’ve had enough, I’ve had enough.

We shipped Geeky Boy back off to school last night, this time setting him up in his own apartment.  It’s nice having him so close.  As he left, I promised a trip downtown to take him out to dinner in a few weeks.  If he were further away, that wouldn’t work.

Geeky Girl is in sports already, practicing every morning.  Next week, practice will continue, but in the afternoon.  She, too, is trying to capture the last few days by relaxing during her off time.

Life is starting to feel a bit hectic already, but we’re trying to keep the hecticness at bay as long as possible.  It’s a challenge, but we’re working on it.