Day 37: Plug it in
Day 37: Plug it in (Photo credit: lorda)

Tomorrow I leave for a camping trip where the family and I will be mostly disconnected from the Internet, definitely disconnected from tv.  We will have our phones with us and we’re not going to be far from civilization as we plan to visit Mr. Geeky’s family while we’re traveling.  We need it.  All of us, myself included, have spent far too much time this summer in separate spaces with our heads in a screen.  For me and Mr. Geeky, this has mostly (though not entirely) been for work, but for Geeky Girl and Boy, they’ve got their own forms of entertainment online.  Gaming mostly for Geeky Boy and social media for Geeky Girl.  We all need to have some significant experience with life beyond the screen.

I really, really like being outside, and in fact, do some of my work out on my deck when the weather is nice.  I’m looking forward to being only outside, to being able to see stars, to see some cool birds, and to walk through the woods.

Mr. Geeky and I often debate where we want to retire to.  We could move downtown, be in a walkable city where there are shops, bars, and coffee shops.  Or we could live in the country somewhere where you can’t see your nearest neighbor.  We could go either way.  I do enjoy cities, but those are easy enough to visit.  I have this sense that the countryside is disappearing and that it might be nice to soak it in for a while.  I’ll get a taste of that for a week at least.

There will be–connections willing–photo posts from the road, but otherwise, it will be a bit quiet around here.

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