The journey

Yesterday was a day of driving.  Six hours to get here.  I got lucky, though.  Even going around New York wasn’t too bad.  I actually don’t mind driving.  In fact, my ideal vacation involves driving long distances.  As they say, it’s about the journey.

And I’m about to begin a journey today.   Last night, I ran into Tracy (@wagongrrl) and we had a couple of beers and chatted.  It was a great way to start this adventure.  I’ve known enough people who’ve attended CMK that I have some idea what to expect, but it will probably be different for me.  I’m looking forward to whatever gets thrown at me.  I’m especially looking forward to heading to MIT today and seeing Mitch Resnick again.  I kicked off my new career with a visit to the Media Lab.  It seems fitting to head there at a moment when I feel like I’ve succeeded beyond what I expected 4 years ago, sitting there, playing with Scratch and talking to other teachers.

If that experience kicked off 4 years of building a great program, what will this experience bring?  I don’t know, but I’m excited about it.

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