Hard Reboot

Cat lounges by the toolsOver the weekend, I did nothing.  Yesterday, I didn’t even shower.  Occasionally, I just need to power down, not use my brain too much and start fresh afterward.  It’s like holding in the power button and waiting for a couple of minutes before turning the computer back on.  Only for me, it was a couple of days.

Last night we had some major thunderstorms that hit just as we were going to bed and again an hour or so later, so sleep was restless for me.  Still, I plan to get a few things done.  I starting thinking about my 8th grade class, which I haven’t done much with and thinking about general trajectories for it.  Right now, it goes something like: digital, physical, digital plus physical, group project, individual project.  I think.  The idea is to start learning some digital things: html, css, processing.js.  Then learn how to build some things: cardboard, wood, laser cutting, 3D printing, all of the above.  Then combine the digital with the physical in some way.  Then do a group project to learn about working together, divvying up tasks, tracking progress, etc.  And finish with a big individual project.  Since I was thinking about this as I fell asleep, I had a dream about it.  In the dream, they made me teach the entire 8th grade at once in a weirdly shaped lecture hall, where some of the kids were in closed off areas.  Then the password for the computer wasn’t mine.  And, I was being observed by our new middle school director.  I woke up before I could find out how bad it went, but let’s just say, I don’t think it could possibly have gone well.

So, yes, back to school anxiety has begun.  We’re a month away, but that month will go fairly quickly.  This week, I want to finish my little personal projects, and work on 8th grade, and a little Mobile Computing (which I’m not teaching until spring but won’t have real time to plan).  I also want to start organizing some areas of the house.  I know, ambitious.  I won’t get everything I want to get done done, but I hope to put myself on a trajectory where I can feel relatively calm when the craziness of the beginning of the year starts.  And the hard reboot is a good way to clear out the cobwebs and take a deep breath before diving in.

Here I go!