CMK Day 4: People and Inspiration

I just have to say that I think the most important thing about CMK was the people.  I met some very cool and interesting folks that I look forward to keeping up with via social media and hopefully in person. A shout-out to Heather, whom I hung out with a lot and who kindly let me bunk with her on the last night.  I owe her a big favor.  I also met two great Dans, one a faculty member and one a teammate who created a drawing robot.  I had a great time talking to Ben, a fellow CS traveller and all-round interesting guy.  Jeff, Jaymes, Tracy, Kendra, Donna, Joe, Bart, Angi and so many others that I sat next to at meals or while I worked.  It was a huge pleasure meeting them all.

Most of all, I was inspired by these people.  Below is a playlist of short videos of many of the projects.  And below that is a photo montage of the whole event, with more projects.  I was truly amazed at what people created.  Many of the videos I had to splice together because in my amazement, I stopped paying attention to my filming and just watched in awe.  I think you’ll be inspired to, so go watch them!

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