A Day Off

Wednesday, I took the day off.  I had a leisurely breakfast with a new-found colleague.  Then I scheduled a massage and wandered the hotel complex.  In my wanderings, I bumped into a fellow CSTA board member and we made dinner plans.  I had a luxurious massage, worked out, and then went out for an early dinner.  I was asleep before 10.  It was much needed.  I was in meetings all day yesterday, and will be for most of the day today.  I plan to spend some time in the pool today.  I head home tomorrow morning and plan to take the whole weekend off.  At some point soon, I’m going to take a few more days off with the family before school starts.  I enjoy my work, but it is good to pause and not do anything for a while.  I always feel ready to tackle the next thing after some down time.  Here’s to taking a few days of doing nothing!