Summer, Day 3: Making

I skipped the usual PD portion of my day yesterday because I couldn’t bear watching more videos about programming.  They are interesting and they are broken up with activities, but my brain was fried after 2.5 hours of course prep and building a site map.

Instead, I decided in honor of the National Day of Making, to fix my 3D printer.  That, however, was unsuccessful.  I’ve now replaced two sets of cables and been in the guts of the machine, but cannot fix the problem.  I’ve also searched forums, YouTube and other places for the answer.  The problem is I know the symptom, but not the cause.  And it’s hard to search “weird shuttering in back corner”.  I have better luck making up causes.  Well, that will have to be dealt with later.  And I may just have to buy a new printer.

Today, I’m headed in to school for about an hour to assist with the construction of the MS Makerspace.  It’s apparently coming along nicely and we need to decide where storage will go, where ventilation will go, etc.

I must, must, must complete most of my tweaking for CS I today.  Wherever I get today, I think I’m going to have to put it aside until I get through some work on the new courses.  I’ll return to it in August.

Tomorrow, I head off for vacation, which I think I’m going to need after a week of fairly intense work.  And I haven’t even started the hard stuff.