Last summer, I was fairly successful in changing some habits in order to lose some weight.  Unfortunately, those habits didn’t quite stick through the whole school year.  The main thing that slid was my exercise routine.  In the summer, I set out for a walk in the late afternoon, thinking that once school started, I could keep that habit because it would fit in with my school schedule.  Unfortunately, I was wrong.  Once my after-school obligations piled up, I had a hard time getting myself motivated to head out for a walk.  And then it got dark by 4:30 and all bets were off.

So, starting tomorrow, I’m going to walk first thing in the morning instead.  I’ve resisted this timing because my current habit is to have a cup of coffee and do some reading before getting into the shower.  But I’m thinking if I’m committed to walking every day, then this is when I need to do it.

I still have a week and a half of school left, mostly meetings, so this will be a good time to test out the schedule.  Once school is over, I can do this first thing, just whenever I wake up instead of at a specific time.  My hope is that starting my day this way will help keep me on track to get some work done and do plenty of relaxing.

Mr. Geeky and I are also trying to get the house back in shape and want to start tackling a task a day and having the kids pitch in as well.  There’s a lot of purging that needs to be done, and minor repairs.  We let things go quite a bit and would like to get things to the point where we’re not in panic mode right before we have friends over.

I have a lot of other things I was to try to get in the habit of, including writing here more regularly, programming, hacking, and reading.  That might be a lot to ask of myself, but I’m going to try.

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  1. I’m loving this moment of school’s ending and thinking about what the summer could hold — that feeling of promise! I’m in the same boat of thinking about new habits that I want to inculcate this summer and wanting to get started right away, even though school’s going for a couple more weeks.

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