An era has passed

We’ve been coming to the beach since before we were married or had kids. Generally 4 couples and eventually their kids became the regulars.  We tend to stay up very late until maybe 2 or 3 and sleep in of course.

When the kids came along we had to adjust a bit. Usually one parent in each couple would be in charge of getting the kids to bed. When the kids would wake up, a parent would go get them back to sleep. Sometimes the parent wouldn’t make it back. Then we’d say that the kid won.

As the kids got older, bedtime became much easier. At first we would tell them to go to bed but eventually they’d just go when they felt like it. The adults always were up later. Until a couple of nights ago. All of the adults were asleep before midnight and the kids stayed up for another hour or two. The tide has turned. An era has ended.