What a week/month/year

That project I wrote about last week–still haven’t worked on it.  I am in the middle of some crazy, great, exciting things, some I can share and some I can’t.

This year has been a fantastic year.  I’ve been busy.  I’ve done all kinds of things, not all successful.  It’s been a learning experience for sure.

So, first off, earlier this year, I talked about wanting to focus on Middle School and I wanted to expand the time I had with Middle School.  Honestly, given how tight the schedule is and how many things needed to fall into place in order to create more time for Middle School Computing, I didn’t think it would work out.  But it did.  We created a Maker Program for Middle School, expanding it so that students meet year long.  This is a program designed to be makered at its core with a backbone of computing.  It will incorporate as many disciplines as we can possibly tap into and I’m looking forward to working with colleagues in other departments.

This program couldn’t have happened without the hard work of my colleague in the Lower School, Brie, who was the master mind behind the DREAM Lab program.  It was so successful, even in its first year, that it had to grow into the Middle School.  I’m excited to be working with her more closely as she officially becomes a part of the Computer Science department.  I have relied on her for advice, ideas, and more, over the last couple of years.  After a conversation with her, I always feel invigorated and inspired.  It’s just a joy to work with her.

On the Upper School front, we’re nearing 30 students enrolled in the CS I course.  That may not sound like a lot, but it’s about half the 9th grade class.  Mobile Computing has around 12 students.  CS II is lagging behind with about 6.  I’m planning to make some tweaks to the program in order to make that better.

Last week, we celebrated 125 years and I had a great time participating in all our various celebrations, including a fancy gala with fireworks and everything.  This past week, we had our end of year faculty party and I was honored with the Trustees Award.  I’m truly humbled as I feel like most of my colleagues are just as deserving as I am.  It is nice to be recognized.

I also won a small grant to attend Constructing Modern Knowledge this summer.  I can’t wait!

I’m also looking forward to seeing many of our students win various honors and awards in the coming weeks.  I love how we recognize our staff, faculty and students for their hard work and contributions to the community.  I like that it’s formalized, but I also see people thanking each other and recognizing hard work every day.  It makes me happy to go to work every day.

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  1. I am so excited you will be at CMK, I am going too, and I would love to talk about the middle school program you are doing with computer science and makered. And congratulations on your award, I bet you do deserve it. I teach history, and have a few maker projects for the 8th grade, but I want to do more, without getting away the core of what I love about history. And I have been reading your blog for ages, so I feel like I know you, which is why I am so excited to finally get to meet you. See you in New Hampshire!

  2. Heather–can’t wait to meet you! I actually have some upper schoolers working on a history computing project and I could think of some interesting ways that could be more #makered. We’ll have to talk!

  3. Half the 9th grade class! What is your recruiting method? And don’t tell me you make cookies for the class every day.

  4. I honestly don’t know. I’ve been cruising along with 10 or so students for the last few years and then suddenly this year I have a bunch. A couple of things I’ve done is talk to all the advisors about the program. I think the students have done most of the recruiting. I had two girls this week just pop in and tell me how excited they are about the course.

  5. Congratulations on your grant to attend CMK! I’m jealous. 🙂

    Can’t wait to hear what you work on up there and the reflection and actions that come out of the conversations you have.

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