Time, take 2

Yes, I think I’ll be writing about the time crunch issue again and again.  I went into this week thinking I was going to get a hand on the time thing, that I was going to make it through my day feeling accomplished and with time to spare. Ha!

The Bad:

  • Interruptions.  My “free time” at work, the time I use to plan, grade, tackle projects is not only brief, but often interrupted.  Some of these interruptions are necessary but some aren’t.  Much of my work is done in common space, prone to interruption.  I have no other option.
  • A *lot* on my plate.  In addition to teaching, I have a bunch of other things that are taking up my time, things with deadlines and stuff.
  • Working at home, during “family time”.  This is the what I didn’t want to do.  I wanted to try to make a clean break, but see bullet one.
  • Illness.  I took on a cold at the end of spring break, which I thought would be gone by now, but it’s holding on, wearing me down and keeping me from sleeping well, which makes me less productive the next day.

The Good

  • No screen time.  I vowed to keep 5-7 every day away from the computer or tv.  This has meant that I’ve puttered around doing little projects or reading.  But see last bullet above.  Once I’m feeling better, I think this will be more productive.
  • Saying no to things I think I’m obligated to do.  I was taking an online course that I thought would be helpful, so I dutifully sat down to watch some of the videos.  Midway through the second one, I stopped watching because I realized a) none of the material was that new and b) it therefore wouldn’t be helpful.

I want to work a little more on the home front, especially recruiting more help.  But that’s going take, you guessed it, more time.

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  1. Good luck! At this point in the year, between the wacky weather and students reaching new levels of stress, it must be extra hard to keep on an even keel.

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