Beginning the wind down

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English: The Kraken roller coaster ride at Seaworld in . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I feel like I’m on the down side of a roller coaster with a really long drop.  There are just a few days left until our seniors leave for internships and only about 4 weeks left before exams.  I’m winding up several projects in addition to my classes and I can almost feel summer.

Last year at this time, I was feeling somewhat the same way although I appeared to have a bit more energy then than I do now.  For the last few weeks, I’ve stayed at school to finish up work until 5 or 5:30 and then did more when I got home.  I’ve been exhausted.  Things have slacked up a little, so I’ve been able to come home earlier.  I even went for a walk with Mr. Geeky yesterday.  But I’m still exhausted.

I’m feeling very mentally tired.  When I’m at school, I feel like I’m in overdrive so that when I get home, I don’t want to do anything except maybe play 2048 and stare at the wall.

This is temporary I know.  After the year is over, I’ll be raring to go again, thinking about cool things to teach, tinkering with projects, and probably learning a new programming language.  Lots of great things have happened this year for my school and my department (which I’ll share soon), and I’m excited about the direction things are going.  Hint: I have 23 students signed up for CS I next year.  I’ll write about that more later, but for now, I’m going to do something mindless.

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