Snow Limbo

We missed Monday for snow, had a regular day Tuesday and now we’ve been out for two days for snow/ice. I can’t seem to make myself do much of anything productive. I’ve responded and sent out email. I had a meeting over the phone that was supposed to be face to face. I’ve done some laundry, but mostly, I’m watching tv, eating, and playing games. It’s weird. I’m not like this in the summer, but give me some unexpected down time and I become a slug. Which is what I said the last time this happened.  Oh well.  I do hope we don’t have much more of this.  A day or two off for weather is nice but this is day 5.  The schedule is messed up.  There are meetings to reschedule that were hard to schedule in the first place.  I can’t even remember what day it is.  I lose momentum.  The kids lose momentum.  It’s not good.

Here’s hoping we get back to it tomorrow and keep going for a while.  I can’t believe I’m actually hoping for steady school days!