Snow . . . again

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Apparently, I can only write on snow days.  Because, yes, the other days, I end up running around like crazy to catch up.  We’re getting a foot today.  We’re supposed to have a PD day tomorrow, which I have organized.  Everyone involved is on standby, crossing their fingers that we move ahead.  I also have a robotics competition on Saturday.  Email is flying around.  No one is really feeling like this is an unexpected vacation day.  We’re at the point now where it just feels like a burden, an unwelcome interruption to momentum.

Over the last two weeks, I’ve been trying to organize and plan several meetings to work on initiatives for next year.  CS in the Middle School, 1:1 in the Middle School, and extending 1:1 into the Upper School are among several things I have going on right now.  Related to that, we’re rethinking the hardware we have in our classrooms: sticking with smartboards or not, software to do different things.  We’re also working on updating our technology curriculum.  In just a few years, we’re going to be 1:1 across the whole school.  That means our expectations for students and teachers are changing.  We have teachers from across all divisions and subjects involved in this effort–actually in all these efforts.  It’s been great, but we’re behind a little because of the snow.

So today really feels like limbo for me, because there are things that I have to do and I have to keep an eye out on the weather and make some decisions based on it.  And having to work on Saturday means I can’t *really* relax.  I guess it is nice to still be in pj’s right now, but it’s not as nice as it could be.  Can spring hurry up and get here?

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  1. “sticking with smartboards or not”. Are you thinking brand or eliminating the whole interactive board thing? We have started switching from Smartboards to Smart interactive projectors. They are much more versatile in the sense they project onto any surface. We have very limited white board area and wall space so the Smart projectors do not affect that space. They do work pretty good once adjusted, They are just a pain to adjust initially. They are $2000 a unit but that is cheaper than the price of a Smartboard and projector. They also project as big as your surface will allow so they can be the equivalent of the $4000 Smartboard area wise.

  2. We are still hoping to have some interactive whiteboard classrooms, but not all. We have many faculty who just don’t use the interactive features. Some using the writing features, but that’s it. Those projectors look similar to Mimio, which are even cheaper. I think they’re $800. We have been testing them in a couple of classrooms. I actually like them.

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