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Day 45: The Melting Path
Day 45: The Melting Path (Photo credit: lorda)

We ended up with a 5-day weekend, which turned out to be fantastic.  We had school cancelled on Thursday, in-service cancelled on Friday, and my robotics team’s competition was cancelled on Saturday.  So what was going to be a busy weekend for me ended up being an opportunity to hunker down.  As on previous snow days, I did my fair share of nothing.  But there’s only so much nothing you can do.  I started doing some neglected household chores and some random work stuff that I’d left on the back burner for too long.  I set myself an actual schedule for the next few days, and, despite the snow, I actually went on not just one, but two walks.

I think the last month or so, I’ve felt like I was on a treadmill, a lá The Jetsons.  When someone turned the treadmill off, I just stopped going.  This weekend, I got off the treadmill and actually walked on a path I set myself.  Even though I still have lots to do, I’m at least moving forward of my own accord.

Some people might make fun of my little goals I set for myself: to walk every day, to program a little every day, to read more.  But these things are not just simple self-improvement for vanity’s sake.  They’re important for lots of reasons.  When I go for a walk, I’m not just exercising, I’m out in the world.  I run into neighbors and chat or I just think about things.  Sometimes I listen to music.  Sometimes I listen to books.  Basically, it gets me out of my own little world so I can see things differently.  Reading does the same thing.  I think about and talk about education all the time.  I do love it, I do.  But reading gets me away from that focus a little.  I still bring the lens of education and computing to almost everything, but reading gives me new ways to look the things I do every day.  Or sometimes, it’s so different from my everyday life that I can forget about everything.

This long weekend reminded me to make space and time for everything, including the “other stuff” I never seem to have time for.  That other stuff seems unimportant and gets pushed to the side.

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3 Replies to “Going down the path”

  1. I hope that no one is actually making fun of your goals — they sound great to me! (Of course, I’m a goal-setter myself.) Good for you for getting out and walking even in the snow; I need to start doing that, bundling myself up against the cold and braving the elements.

  2. I am terrible with regular daily goals so I like to set a big one that requires daily effort. I am doing a 50 mile mtn bike race this summer so that requires I work out at least 3 times a week in the winter. When the body is not broken I hold to that. The big goal forces the little ones.

  3. Garth, I can do the big goals sometimes. I did the 60 mile breast cancer walk, but I do better with a daily goal and just basically start over every day. I also like games with no goals: SIMS, Civilization, etc. 🙂

    WN, It’s probably colder in your area than mine, but it’s still been chilly. I’m always amazed by how warm it feels once I get going.

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