Snow Day #2

This is a rare occurrence.  Two days off for snow in a row.  It’s exam week, so I only had my MS classes today anyway.  The students, including Geeky Girl, are both thrilled and perturbed.  On the one hand, another day to study doesn’t hurt.  On the other, exams have been compressed and they’re hanging over their heads.

I don’t know what it is about snow, but it always makes me lazy.  I can’t seem to make myself do much of anything.  Yesterday, I did finish up some work, but mostly I tinkered around on the computer.  I guess it just feels like we’re in a holding pattern.  Leaving the house is a challenge.  There’s nothing pressing that has to be done.  We have hot chocolate and snacks.  We’ll just hunker down.

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  1. We’re in the same exam crunch now–my school friends and I were chatting on FB last night about the joy of a day off followed by the panic of a tighter turnaround for grades.

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