Exciting Things Coming Up

The week ahead promises to be super busy but super fun.  We’re in the middle of exam week, and in fact, I’m spending this weekend writing an exam, grading final projects, etc.  My exam falls on the last exam day (Thursday), so I’ll be frantically grading on Friday in order to get my grades in.

Here’s what’s in store for this week.  First, I’m guest hosting a #KidsCanCode Twitter chat on Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST. You should join us.  We’ll be talking about girls in CS, something I’m passionate about.

Next, I’m co-hosting my usual #makered chat with @tieandjeans at 9 p.m EST.  We’re prepping a bit for our #educon #makered design sprint.

Friday, #educon begins.  This will be my 5th one.  After the grading is done, I will head downtown to meet up with friends for dinner–a tradition, then hit the opening panel followed by the reception.  I’ll head home.

Saturday, it’s back downtown for #educon, day 2.  I’m leading a #makered design sprint with Andrew Carle, Jim Tiffin, Jr. and Sylvia Martinez (and whatever other #makered folks show up!).  I’m excited about this as I need to actually design some stuff myself.

I smartly booked myself a hotel this year, as I always end up staying too late at the after-party and the trains run at odd times on Sunday, so I have a hard time getting myself to SLA in time.

Sunday, #educon, day 3.  In the morning, I’m leading a conversation with my colleague from the Science department on our 1:1 program and how we rolled it out in a grass roots way.  We know others are in the process of this or have btdt, so we hope people will share their successes.

After that, I sleep–a lot.  The very next weekend begins 3 weekends in a row of robotics competitions.  To think, I sometimes feel like I don’t do enough.  That just made me laugh out loud.

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