Back to the Grind

Vacation is over.  In just a few minutes, I’ll be out the door, on my way back to school.  I was sort of hoping for a snow day to get in just one more day of doing nothing. I took full advantage of my vacation, doing basically nothing most days.  We watched back to back episodes of Modern Family, played board and video games, ate snacks, and visited with friends and relatives.  I should probably have done some school work (like a little grading), but I have resolved not to feel guilty about not working during my time off.  So, my students will get their grades later this afternoon rather than first thing this morning. No big deal.

I only have a week and a half of classes before we have a week and a half of exams, and then my classes switch up a bit for second semester. I think I can make it for a week and a half.  I do have a robotics competition this weekend, which will take some work to prepare for and there’s still administrative work and middle school classes, so it will be busy, but I plan to take advantage of my down time this semester and not get too worked up.

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  1. I kind of look at it the other way around. Back to days of interesting troubleshooting, interacting with my favorite people (students), working with my friends (the other staff members), and generally having a blast every day. The break was nice but boring. I got in three days of snowboarding (nice powder) and two days of mountain biking. Studded tires on a fat tire bike work on packed snow and icy trails but it is still really hairy on the downhill. It is also a whole bunch of work.

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