The End (and the beginning) is Nigh

I hit the holiday blues a couple of days ago, just a minor moment as I finished cleaning the detritus from Christmas morning where I thought, “It’s over.”  Every year, there’s kind of a mad rush to tie things up, prepare mightily and then in a fifteen or twenty minute flurry, the presents are all opened and it’s done.  And I always feel a kind of a “now what” sort of feeling.  And it’s dark outside and the year is over and I’m reviewing what went well and what didn’t and I spend too much time on Facebook seeing old friends post about all the fabulous things going on in their lives.

But now I’m looking forward to the New Year, to a new start.  I’ve spent the last few days hibernating mostly.  We’ve curled up on the couch and watched movies, played games, drunk hot chocolate, and napped.  I’m thinking through things I want to tackle in the coming year.  Last year, I wanted to focus on debt and while I haven’t increased it, reducing it has proven challenging.  I’m leaving it on the list for this year.

In general, I want to take the tack of “slow and steady wins the race.”  I’m looking for a more relaxed approach this year.  I want to accomplish things, but I don’t want to be frantically working all the time. For reference, see this article. I want to work towards goals a little bit at a time, rather than throwing myself at everything at once.  That worked for me in losing weight–just do something every day and eventually you accomplish something.

Besides the finances, this year, I want to keep the house in better order.  I’m way better at this than I used to be, but still, it seems like it doesn’t take long for chaos to take over. We have two junk rooms now that I’d like to reclaim. And we have some unfinished projects to attend to.  Some of the larger things I can’t tackle every day, but I can certainly manage the daily stuff–and do some more delegating to Geeky Girl and Mr. Geeky.

I also want to spend more time with my family in ways that involve more than just sitting in front of the tv. Actually, I’d still like to get rid of cable. We’re still tethered.

Speaking of getting rid of cable, I want to read every day something besides a blog post or online article.  I’m thwarted in that only by my own distractibility.  I figure if I can’t flip through the channels and/or don’t pick up the computer, I can read a book or two.  Now to find some good books.

I may tackle a few other minor things, but in general, I want to be more well-rounded and feel more organized about things.  And I’m just going to approach it one day at a time.

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4 Replies to “The End (and the beginning) is Nigh”

  1. Right there with you–working on my own list of goals, but it will seem very familiar to you! Here’s wishing us both success in 2014.

  2. I read a lot more books last year and it made me a happier person. I still read a lot of blogs but not as many as I used to. Reading books though is really the way I unwind and get off the computer habit. Highly recommended.

  3. I cannot afford to get rid of cable. The cost of books would kill me. Right now I can read, watch TV and work on Python all from the same position on my couch. Pure decadence.

  4. Alfred, that’s exactly why I want to read more. Being in front of the computer is so tempting even in my off hours. I think I’m better when I learn to take a break from it.

    Garth, I hear ya. And I do love the multitasking. 🙂

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