RBOC: A Week Until Thanksgiving

  • When I’m not teaching, I’m in meetings. Some are good, some not.
  • Just when I think I’m going to have a break, I realize some other big thing is happening that I have to prepare for. Now!
  • Grading, enough said.  I actually have some more to say about that. Later.
  • I have had some down time, but I’ve been so exhausted, I’ve used the down time to do things like play Candy Crush. Sigh.
  • Things at my house are falling through the cracks.  Please don’t visit me.  You’d be appalled.
  • Despite all the work, all the meetings, etc., I still really like my job.  Yes, even I am surprised a little.  It helps that we had show and tell in my 6th grade tech classes, and omg, the projects were sooo cute.
  • I promise to write more . . . after the grading is done.