I need more time. There are a million things I want to do.  A million things I need to do.  A part of me is feeling a little like I’m doing a crappy job at some things because I’m not putting enough time in.

But let me give you an example of what often happens to me.  Today, I taught CSI and Physical Computing (8:25-11:00). I had intended to grade labs in CSI over the weekend but I drove down to my dad’s for his birthday (a 10 hour drive) and had limited time and Internet access.  CSI is working on another lab.  Physical Computing is holding its own, and I’m keeping up with commenting on their blog posts.  I ate lunch at 11:10, headed back to the faculty lounge around 11:35, where I checked email for the first time.  Also, tried to recall what I was planning to teach in 7th grade.  At 12:30, I taught my 7th grade class–graphics in a drag and drop version of Python.  After that, I ordered some things for Physical Computing.  Then I graded CSI labs until 2:40 (about an hour) until robotics started.  At 3:30, I randomly got called in to help with a web workshop.  Stayed until a little after 4:00.  Somewhere in there, I talked to our librarian about doing a digital citizenship session for 5th grade.  Then I ran out to get stuff for my CS Teacher meetup (which was awesome!).  I was back by around 4:45.  I straightened up the classroom and the first teacher arrived around 5:15ish.  So we talked robots and Python and C++ and other stuff.  Everyone else showed up around 6.  We talked CS until 8.

Now I’m all hyped up (can’t you tell?).  But my days keep getting parcelled up like this.  And I want to play with my Arduino stuff.  I want to try my hand at programming a Nao.  I want to practice some advanced programming (that I never get to in my classes), but stuff keeps getting in the way. I have a chunk of time in the morning.  Will I grade? Will I prep? Or will I spend some time with the other fun stuff I want to do.  I’m going to guess that I’ll grade or prep.  I tell myself if I get it out of the way, then I’ll have time for the other stuff.  But that almost never happens.  Can I organize my way out of it? Will I end up working on stuff late at night? I don’t know.  But I have this feeling that I really need to work that out.  It feels important. I’m just not entirely sure what the answer is.

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  1. I know exactly what you mean–I find myself giving 9th graders serious talks about time management and then I realize I’m failing miserably at it myself!

  2. I teach only one class a day (block schedule – 4 periods in a day) and tech the rest of the day. I still do not have enough time to do all that needs to be done. Last year i taught two classes a day and just ignored a large number of tech issues or just did not fix them quickly. I thought this year would be different. Not. This year we have more iPads, more laptops and more teachers wanting to do tech in their classes. I have been the school tech since ’06 and every year requires more time to keep things running the way they should. The kids are smarter every year so my programming classes need to be revised every year. I am also subject to being bit by the Good Idea Fairy regularly so I am always trying something new in my programming classes which requires more time. Time, time, time. Oh well, the job is still more fun than a box full of puppies.

  3. Box full of puppies! An apt description. Fun and cute and full of energy, but also poops and pees everywhere!

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