Just when I thought things sucked

My week started out a little low.  I was feeling overwhelmed.  I was feeling pulled in too many directions.  I was feeling like I sucked at my job.  I’ll explain more shortly, but I have to tell you what made me feel better, first.

First, I talked to some administrators, who were very understanding and helped me find some balance.

Second, I got spend my morning doing fun CS stuff with students and having them say things like, “Having us keep blogs was a great idea!” (Thanks, Selena.)  And they just are generally fun to work with.

Finally, today, I walked into my classroom after school to find 3 girls building a robot.  I wasn’t there.  No one else was there. They had missed our club meeting yesterday, so they came to work today. on a robot. for an extracurricular activity.  As I told them, that’s awesome.

But, there were a few things getting me down that thankfully, my students and the environment I work in saved me from.

One is being someone who has skilz. Yes, skilz, with a z.  I don’t know that I’m the only person who can do some things, but I think there are an awful lot of things for which I’m the only person who has the skilz.  Problem is, I’m only one person, and I only have so much time.  And when everything seems important, and I care about everything, it’s hard to say no.

The second is a couple of my middle school classes. I’m trying some flipped techniques, and they’re kind of flopping.  And it kind of sucks because I was all excited about using this, and now I’m rethinking and feeling like I’m not doing enough to fix this.  But what I have to remember is that this is new to me (mostly), and it’s new to them and it’s a skill to learn these to do something before class.  It’s going to take time. Also, my class “doesn’t count” so the students don’t always take it seriously.  And I have a class with 22 students (which I know for public school is way under normal), but it’s a very hands-on, intensive class.  And I feel like I’m losing half that class. After talking with some colleagues, I have some ideas, which, of course, makes me feel better.

Even better, we printed space frog this week.  I’ll let you compare the 2D and 3D version.  What’s not to love about a job where you can help create these things?

Frog Photobombs NASA's LADEE Launch
Frog Photobombs NASA’s LADEE Launch (Photo credit: NASA Goddard Photo and Video)


space frog
space frog (Photo credit: lorda)



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  1. We’ve been experimenting a bit with flipped ideas when doing training at work. Wonder if its harder or easier with younger age groups. I do know that the trainers are enthusiastic but struggling a bit (“I’d really like to run a course exploring flipped learning. Here’s my powerpoint and lecture notes!” “Ah…”)

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