Cool Things My Students Say/Do

You know how I was in a funk last week?  Well, not anymore.  I am having so much fun this week for some reason.  I feel like I’m slogging along in both my CS classes, but it feels like good slogging.  Today, several things happened in my classes that are worth noting (waving to students who might be reading, yes, you rock).  In Physical Computing, a couple of students let me know that it was their favorite class.  I asked if it was because I hadn’t really graded anything yet.  They said, no, it was the subject matter (and maybe the crazy atmosphere).  Generally, the students come in and start working.  They get the soldering irons out, boxes of wires and LEDs, fire up their laptops and go.  Another student and I talked about her project.  She brought it up because I’d commented on her blog about it.  After we both threw around some ideas about what to do and how it would work, she said, “Now I’m really excited about doing this!”  I told her that was kind of the point.

Another student was busy desoldering a mistake and then we wondered if the mistake was worth desoldering or if we could leave as good enough.  She asked me.  I said, “I don’t know.  Let’s Google it.”  She fired up Google and started typing in the exact question we’d just asked.  I laughed and said, “If this Googling skill is all you get out of this class, you’ll be set for life.”  She was like, “What?”  I explained how many people have no idea how to Google.  Instead of putting in specifics, they put in a generic term, and get back crazy results.

In CS I, we have some robot dancing going on:

In 6th grade, students are starting to turn in their first projects.  Some examples below.  Also, one student asked me, “What are we supposed to be doing?”  I asked, “What do you want to do?” She said, “Make a game.”  I said, “Then do that.” She said, “Really, can we?”  I said, “Of course!”  They all showed off their work over the last couple of days and it’s been fun to watch.  I’ve been happy with what they’ve accomplished.

And I walked in to robotics today to find 3 new people and a lot getting accomplished.  When I explained to one student how a scissor lift worked, she said, wow, that is sooo cool.  And I thought, yes, yes it is.

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  1. Thanks for teaching your students about the usefulness of google. College professors have been hearing about ‘digital natives’ for years now, and when the students come in to our classes, we’re shocked to find out that they often don’t know basic things. Students will email me questions that could so easily be googled. (Not that I want to discourage them asking me questions, but I do want them to know that there are more sources of information out there besides me.) Students are excellent with social networking, but in my experience, using the internet as a research tool seems foreign to many of them. (If they ever googled something and then emailed me to ask about its veracity, I’d be ecstatic.)

  2. You’re welcome! 🙂 I commonly say, “I don’t know. Look it up!” I’m amazed by the grownups who call to ask me tech questions, and all I do is Google their question and give them the answer. I’ve done this in front of them and they still don’t get that Google is the best place to start. Sigh.

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