Friday Tabs: Back to School Edition

An interesting list.  I’m leaving up even the documents you won’t be able to get to.  This is the smallest list I’ve had in a while.  My colleagues routinely make fun of me for my millions of tabs.  This has been a truly successful week. Busy as all get out.  And today will be busy, too, but I got a ton accomplished.  I gained a student in intro.  I had giggling in Physical Computing.  I had colleagues and students excited about our new LMS.  Like seriously, excited.  It’s Haiku Learning, if you’re interested.  So far, so good.  Next week will be a full week, so I’ll be exhausted.  But hey, that’s what beginnings of the year are supposed to be like!

One Reply to “Friday Tabs: Back to School Edition”

  1. Add Google Cloud Print to your list. I found out about it today. It may solve all sorts of student printing issues. Then again, it may not. I just started tinkering with it.

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