School Year Resolutions

I’ve been setting goals and making resolutions at the beginning of every school year for years.  I definitely find it useful, to at least set a trajectory for the year.  I don’t always accomplish my goals, but I often get close.  My job is definitely no longer new, but every year so far, I’ve been facing new things: new classes, new projects, new initiatives, new students.  I find that refreshing.  Even if everything was the same, I think I’d still be finding a way to make the new year fresh.  Here are my thoughts for this year.

  1. Take care of myself.  I often put this last on my list, but it’s really important to me.  When I get stressed and don’t take time for myself, my physical health suffers, which means I lose time and can’t get done what I need to get done, which makes me stressed, which . . . a vicious circle.  I’m going to continue with my healthy eating and exercise habits.  And I’m going to try to take measures to make myself even healthier, making time for down time, etc.
  2. Increase the use of social media by my colleagues.  This sounds really weird, I know, and I’m a fan of moderation here.  I know of two colleagues who are on Twitter.  I’m not saying everyone needs to Tweet, but I want to encourage my faculty to use social media for its resources and connections, to learn to use it effectively.  It might be Twitter.  It might be Tumblr, Learnist, Storify, a blog, whatever.  It’s a quick way to find information and stay informed.
  3. Increase understanding of what Computer Science is among students and parents.  I’m still struggling a bit with aspects of this because I wear both the CS hat and the Technology (as in bullet 2 above) hat.  I don’t mind both hats; I just want people to understand the difference.  I’m working on revamping some of the web content to make this clearer, and I’m hoping to publicize what I do in my classes more.
  4. Code every day.  I’ve fallen off the coding daily bandwagon.  Last week was stressful.  And even though this week is going to be busier, I’m going to try to get back on the horse.  I’m also going to try to push myself beyond my comfort zone.  I’m actually good about doing this, which is often what makes me resist coding (it’s going to be hard! I can’t finish a program in a day!).  But I’m going to push forward.

I think that’s enough.  There are other things, and I also set goals daily and weekly (usually in my head).  This week, establish habits, i.e. don’t let the busyness push away the habits that will keep you healthy, organized, and stress free.  What are your goals this year?