Saturday Snippets

I have a lot of thoughts in my head, none coalescing around a single post.  So hear are some random thoughts.

  1. EdcampSTEAM occurred on Wednesday.  This put a lot of thoughts in my head.
    1. Meeting people and remembering people that you’ve met.  A while back, just after ISTE, a giant conference that a lot of educators attend, there were some posts that circulated about education rock stars and the kind of cliquishness that seemed to spring up around those people.  I wrote about this issue a couple of years ago about another conference.  And it was the same people that stood out at both. I won’t rehash the arguments made there.  I really saw none of that at EdcampSTEAM.  But, I did have people come up to me and introduce themselves, saying they’ve been following me on Twitter or via this blog.  Which kicked impostor syndrome into full gear. I also ran into some people I’d met before but whom I didn’t remember.  I felt terrible about the latter.  I get a lot out of the conversations I have with people I meet, especially new people.  I love learning things from them.  And I feel bad that I’ve forgotten their faces or names.  I kind of understand how someone who has thousands of followers and has met thousands of people might not seem approachable or who might forget who you are (I’ve had that happen to me a number of times).  I had a conversation about all this after the conference with a bunch of people I’d just met!
    2. Giving presentations.  Once again I signed up to lead a session.  I’ve had very successful ones of these.  However, I didn’t like the one I did this time.  I did “Art + Computer Science”, but I didn’t really prepare anything since I decided to do this at the last minute.  I felt like it fell flat.  I need to go back to my roots from working with the “Women of Fear” and do more hands-on interactive stuff.  I’m hoping to do something for Educon–with some co-conspirators from Twitter.  I’ll work on making this better.
  2. The end of summer.  It’s coming.  I can feel it in my bones.  And yet, we’re going to embark on some time away. I’m looking forward to spending some time with my family and friends, getting a last taste of the sun and sea, and not caring what time it is.
  3. School is beginning once summer really does come to an end.  I think I’m ready.  I’m looking forward to seeing colleagues and students, and getting to work on some projects and seeing what happens in my classes.
  4. College.  Before I start, Geeky Boy heads off to college.  I think he’s ready too.  He has no classes before 1 p.m.  He moves in three days after we return, so it will be a bit hectic.  I had a dream last night that I can’t quite remember where someone told me I had to let him go.  And I do.  And I will.  I hope he takes off.
  5. High School. Geeky Girl, of course, starts high school, something she’s very much looking forward to.  She’s a little nervous, but at least there’s not too much new.  Most of the people are the same, some of the teachers are, and the building is the same.  She should be all set to thrive.

So that’s where I am this fine–but rainy–Saturday.  Where are your thoughts?


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