Random bullets of crap: end of summer

  • Yesterday I visited a friend and her new baby.  I’m not much of a baby person really, but I do like seeing them.  I held her for a while while she slept.  Hard to believe my own kids were once that little.
  • Before that, Geeky Girl and I did some shopping.  We had no specific plans except to get a couple of gifts for the visit above.  We ended up with a few items that we needed without spending much money.  She declared it a successful trip.
  • Some of Geeky Girl’s friends (and my students) came over last night.  At first I felt encroached upon (I’m not ready! I’m not ready!) but then after talking to them for a while, I realized that I am ready.  I enjoy being around young people.  They’re enthusiastic and funny and looking forward to the future (even if they are a little nervous).
  • We visited Geeky Boy today, bringing him a refrigerator and a bag of goodies.  He seems good.  He got to see Aziz Ansari give a stand-up/inspirational show yesterday, which he definitely enjoyed.  His hallmates told us “We love your son!”  He starts classes tomorrow and got a reality check on the cost of textbooks ($220 for a single one).  He’s finding his way around and generally settling in.  His biggest complaint right now is the shower water, which is rarely hot apparently.
  • We had some bad luck on the eating out front today.  We tried to take the girls to a local breakfast place this morning, but there was a line, so we decided on a an early lunch at a place around the corner, but it wasn’t open yet. We tried another place, also too long a wait. So we ended up with doughnuts.  When we tried to take Geeky Boy out to lunch, we had an equally different time.  The area his school is in is kind of a restaurant desert. It caters to college students and poor people.  Lots of fast food and take out, not a lot of sit-down restaurants.  We ended up at a poorly run pub.  Food was decent.  Service was awful.
  • This evening, I took a walk around the neighborhood.  It was a gorgeous weekend all weekend.  Tonight was especially lovely, warm, but with a slightly cool breeze.  There are still flowers blooming in people’s yards.  Kids are still riding bikes and playing ball in the street.  I do sort of dream of living somewhere quiet and secluded, maybe on a lake or river, but for now, it’s nice to see neighbors out enjoying the lovely evening.  I need to remind myself to get outside more often.  I do walk almost every day, but sometimes I’m more focused on myself than what’s around me.  It was nice to pay attention to that just before the hustle of school is about to begin.