On the road again

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We’re heading out for our last vacation today.  I’m excited.  The kids are excited.  Mostly because this was unanticipated.

When we return, Geeky Girl heads to her first sports practice on Monday.  Tuesday, Geeky Boy heads to college.  I will likely be at work while Geeky Girl is at practice.  The week after begin our first meetings and the following week school begins.  It’s all happening so fast!

A couple of days ago, I spent the day away from the computer, just checking email by phone a couple of times.  I read, I puttered around the house, I went to farmer’s market.  It reminded me that I should do this more often, so I might try that during the school year.  Maybe a 1/2 day.

This week away is kind of a forced version of that since there’s no Internet access and cell phone signals are spotty.  I’m bringing my computer anyway to code, though I’m going to stick with the option of taking the weekend off.  I might poke around my classes, laying out a schedule, etc.  Sometimes doing these things relieves my stress because otherwise, I’m thinking about them all the time which stresses me out.  So if I find myself thinking about them, I’m just going to take the 1/2 hour to do it and then go back to relaxing.

I love road trips in general, as you know.  And yes, I have the Willie Nelson song stuck in my head.  I guess I should get going!

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