Home Again

We arrived home late-ish last night.  Today I’m dedicated to laundry, grocery shopping, getting the house in order.  I didn’t check email at all while I was away and I’m going to hold off for one more day.  Tomorrow, Geeky Girl heads to sports practice at 8 a.m.  I will likely go in for a bit.

Sending Geeky Boy off to college on Tuesday feels both like just one of those things we have to do this week and a hugely momentous occasion. I think his close proximity to us makes it feel less like a production, as it was for me when I went 8 hours away from home.  He’s got a lot of his stuff, but if he forgets something, it’s a quick train ride home to retrieve what he needs.  With him away a couple of times this summer without us and with him following his own schedule, we’ve sort of gotten used to the idea of him not being around.  I’m sure it will be more profound than that, but it’s hard to anticipate.

After next week, it’s going to be a whirlwind of meetings and getting ready for school. I’m glad we stepped away from that for a while and I’m now in a state of mind where I think I can approach the coming busyness in a more relaxed way, methodically even.  Here’s to being home and cherishing that feeling for just a little longer.