Weight loss update

I’m making steady progress.  If you look at my weight today and my weight 3 weeks ago when I started this, I’ve lost 5 lbs.  I really think it’s closer to 3 as my weight bounces around a fair amount.  Basically, my daily weight bounces up and down, but has been on a downward trend.  Here’s the chart:

chart_1 (1)


While the changes aren’t that exciting (a statistician would probably deem this not significant), it definitely feels like a downward trend to me.  The dips are lower and the bump up is also lower.  I dipped below 120 for the first time in ages.  Despite its ups and downs, I like the feedback from weighing every day.  The big jump ups I can usually predict (after July 4th, after a conference), so I don’t get too discouraged.

All I’ve really done is keep track of my calories (keeping it under a certain amount) and added in activity every day.  I’ve mostly eliminated sugar (desserts and soda), substituting sugar free drinks (Crystal Light) or water and fruit.  My activities have included walking, bicycling, gardening, and swimming.  If I can move around to make something happen, that’s what I do.

I’m crossing my fingers I can lose 5 more pounds before school starts. Then, I think I’ll be in good shape to maintain my weight from there.

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  1. Good for you! My weight loss project begins today, and I’ve been inspired by reading your posts; your approach is going to be mine: keeping track of calories and moving every day.

  2. WN, I even count strenuous housework some days. Like I washed the car and counted that as exercise. It was hard work! The hard part is going to be keeping this up during the school year. My hope is that now that I’m in the habit, it won’t be as difficult.

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