The Pool

Mr. Geeky’s school provides us with the opportunity to join a pool for the summer, which we’ve done for 12 years. Nowadays, I go mostly alone as the teens have no desire to go. It’s been incredibly hot the last week or so and so I’ve been visiting the pool nearly every day. Certain things never change. There always seems to be a kid, named Henry, who is rambunctious. His parents and the lifeguard are frequently telling him to slow down, not to splash, and to wait his turn for the diving board. There are little old ladies who can swim circles around me. They swim the breaststroke and/or freestyle for what seems like hours. I’m up to 10 minutes.

Some days it’s father-daughter day, lots of dads with toddler girls. Very cute. In general, the parents get younger, though among academics, there are plenty of 40 year olds with toddler kids. Either way, I feel old.

My worlds often collide here as a handful of school parents belong to the pool through alumni status or because of a spouse. It’s better than what used to happen, which was running into my boss here. In fact, I haven’t seen anyone from my old (Mr. Geeky’s current) workplace all summer. Many have quit coming as their kids aged or they moved or whatever.

In general it’s quiet, I can read, cool off, relax. I’ll miss it.