One month left

Exactly one month from today, I have my first meeting that’s work-related.  But I have to say, I’m having a great summer.  There’s still lots to get done, but I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time doing things I want to do.  I’ve gotten outside a lot.  I’ve learned some things.  I’ve stayed connected to people through this blog and through Twitter.  There’s a ton more to do and if I think about that too much, I might stress out, but I know it will get done.  It always does.

We are hoping to make a camping trip as a family before the end of the summer and before Geeky Boy heads off to college.  We’ll likely stay close by and only spend a couple of nights, but it should be a nice experience for us all.

How about you? How’s your summer been? What do you want to do before it’s over?

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  1. A few days short of a month before I have to be back in school. I’m also having a great summer but being far busier than I suspect most people think teachers are. Three more tips planned – a wedding, Disney and a business trip. Seems like I am seldom home this summer. I am starting to wonder if I’ll get all my lessons ready before school starts. I think I’ll wait until I get back from Disney to panic though. 🙂

  2. One month and 4 days to go. I only have about 2 months worth of work left to get things ready. Hummm, something does not fit. I did one 3 day motorcycle tour through Idaho and Oregon. Heading for Sun Valley ID middle of next month to go mountain biking for 2 or 3 days. I was going to take this week off to get mentally ready for my mountain bike race this coming Saturday. Guess where i am now? Somewhere in there i am trying to help a friend with his computer camp. Summer break? Not even close.

  3. Well, I broke my foot two weeks after school let out (volunteering on an iPad 1-1 committee, my own fault), so my summer is not going as planned. But it is not all bad. I am READING at Olympic gold medal levels and knitting, which promotes reflection. It was a tough year– 4 subject areas and 4 phases to teach, 3 clubs, 3 contests, so I needed to decompress and remember who I am. I have not even blogged this summer, only tumbled. Going to the beach tomorrow where I will feel the sun and sand bleach out my brain. I should be ready when they call me in August and change the courses I am teaching next fall…

  4. Oh Leslie, that’s terrible. And that’s a lot of stuff on your plate. I don’t blame for taking a break!

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