Independence Day

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I looked back over the last couple of years of summer posts . . . and I laughed.  Apparently every summer around this time, I lament that I’m working too much and not taking advantage of my summer.  I’m a creature of habit.  I did very little yesterday.  I kind of poked at an outline for a workshop I’m giving on Tuesday.  I’m going to spend a tiny bit more time today–maybe–but definitely dive in on Monday.

Today, we’re keeping an eye on the weather.  We kind of want to go see the fireworks downtown, but we don’t want to get caught in the rain. It’s looking promising. Geeky Girl and I are planning a trip to see Despicable Me 2 (she’s accommodating me because I have a soft spot for animated films). And we’ll cook out.  We might hit the pool. Tomorrow we head to some friends’ for the weekend, so I’m on a forced break of sorts.

I think 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. It comes midsummer-ish. It’s almost always hot. There’s food and there’s fireworks and most people are in a good mood. All good.

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  1. Being the school techie I am on an 11 month contract. Some where I am supposed to take 4 weeks off during the summer. What am I going to do for 4 weeks??? I take a break for a few days here and there to go on a motorcycle trip or go to the coast for a few days with wife and child but never 4 weeks. Besides, 4 weeks is expensive. When I am at school working I cannot spend money I do not have.

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