Cat Tracking Project Update

So I’ve successfully logged my gps data.  It took some figuring out how to take my data file and translate the data into something human readable, but I found a nifty online tool to do it.  I’m going to work on coding some of this myself, but I couldn’t find any libraries that would work.  But here’s my test:

View GPS Path Test in a larger map


Some things to note.  Hooking up the battery wasn’t hard except that there are 2 on switches, one on the board itself and one on the battery case. I’m planning to make a snug pocket to hold the battery case, probably out of felt, which I have a lot of lying around.  Here are some pictures from the project.

sewn on


the layout

on switch

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  1. Hello GeekyMom

    i’m very interested in your “cat tracking” project and i want to do the same with my cat!
    I’ve already bought the flora starterpack and tried already some programming but it doesn’t work.
    So it would be very nice if you can send me your code to understand it and try it with my cat!

    Best regards,


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