Activity and Empty Calories

As a techie person, I spend a lot of time in front of a screen, sitting in front of a screen.  Inertia sets in and it gets hard to get up an move.  When I’m teaching, there are plenty of times when I’m not sitting, but still, a lot of my work is very sedentary.  This summer, I’m trying to set better habits that I hope will continue once the school year starts.  As I’ve mentioned before, technology has been a help, particularly Lose It! where I track my calories and activity.  I get bored easily (it’s one reason I love working in both education and computing: never boring!!), so I have to change up my activity or I just won’t do it.  I love being outside, so I keep an eye on the weather and aim for getting outside.  So far, I’ve mostly been walking a couple of miles most days.  I got bored with that (since I generally follow the same route).  So lately, I’ve been gardening for an hour or so, which is still quite a workout.  I also washed the car and walked to the Farmer’s Market. I even transplanted a shrub yesterday!  Today, I have more gardening planned if the rain lets up.  Otherwise, I’ll walk in the rain.  Basically, if 4 o’clock rolls around and I haven’t done anything, I head out for a walk.

The other way technology has helped is to see not only how many calories I’m consuming, but what they are.  This has allowed me to really visualize the empty calories I consume: oil, mayonnaise, soda, cream, etc.  I’ve also been trying to watch the carbs.  Yesterday, we had sandwiches and mac and cheese for dinner.  I skipped the mac and cheese and opted for a salad.  It’s still hard to keep the carbs down.

I have seen some very minor progress so far, but hopefully the longer I keep at it, the more progress I’ll see.

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  1. Technology is helping a lot of people lose or manage their weight these days. I’ve also heard that gardening regularly lengthens a persons life due to the physical act of gardening, so that’s a great activity to spend some time on. I’m even planning to get my own little garden started mainly for the activity, but want to plant some tomato trees so I can pick fresh fruit to eat as well.

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