Road trip

I love road trips. I would rather travel by car any day. There’s just something about getting into a car loaded to the gills and setting out on the open highway. I like seeing different things along the way, stopping at different rest areas and restaurants, staying in hotels, munching on snacks, listening to music, and watching the world go by in the window. I like train travel as well, but it’s harder to do here in America.

As a kid, we road in a station wagon, often in the “way back” without seat belts. We’d play the alphabet game, finding all the letters on signs along the way. Or the license plate game, collecting license plates from all 50 states. My sister and I invented the swump bump game, where we rhythmically said “swump bump” over and over as guard rails went by. Must have driven my parents batty. We entertained ourselves with yes and no invisible ink books. And one of us would always get car sick. We almost always seemed to have car trouble in those days. I don’t know if it was because cars sucked or because my parents didn’t have enough money to maintain them. Radiators blew, alternators went, and tires busted. It was all part of the adventure.

I went with friends on road trips, riding in the third seat of a Suburban, sleeping on the floor board because there was actually enough space for that. I travelled from Memphis to Seattle to California and back, never once stopping for the night. Mr. Geeky and I made our last 24 hour road trip almost 18 years ago to the same place we’re headed to now. On that trip, our air conditioning went out, leaving us to drive in 90 degree heat with the windows down for about the last 5 hours. Now we stop for the night in hotels instead of napping on the side of the road. Our only car trouble: one flat tire in the last 18 years. It’s still an adventure, one geeky girl insists must have a sound track.

Let the adventure begin!

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