Can summer start now?

Yesterday, I posted this tweet:


Next week is graduation week, essentially. Writ large.  Here’s what my schedule looks like:

Monday: Final day of MS exams.  Meeting with senior whose externship I’m advising.  Hosting a party for 7 teenage girls.

Tuesday: Class day.  Awards for seniors. Senior video. Party for various colleagues who are getting married or having other life changes this summer. Evening Arduino workshop.

Wednesday: Finals for Geeky Boy. Exam return day for me. Graduation rehearsal. Geeky Boy’s birthday.

Thursday: Finals for Geeky Boy. Graduation for Geeky Girl.  Lunch with Geeky Girl and friends.  Upper School graduation followed by reception.

Friday: Geeky Girl’s birthday. Multiple faculty meetings. Arrival of inlaws. 8th grade party for Geeky Girl. Various senior activities for Geeky Boy. Girls’ day with Geeky Girl (birthday present). Dinner with inlaws.

Saturday: Arrival of rest of family. Maintaining peace and sanity.

Sunday: Graduation party for Geeky Boy.

Monday: Geeky Boy’s graduation.

And did I mention that the US Open is happening like 1/2 mile from our house and half the roads are closing next week? And the house is. not. ready.

A view down the beach
A view down the beach (Photo credit: lorda)

And I have so many plans. Cool things I want to do.  Can it just be summer?


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