So Ready for Summer

It’s hit me in a major way that I need some free time.  While next week will be a bit of a break with exams beginning, I still have so much to do to finish out the year.  As always the kids’ birthdays being June 5 and June 7 will add to the craziness.  And we’ll triple that with Geeky Boy’s graduation and family coming in to celebrate.  June 8th, everyone–my parents and their spouses and Mr. Geeky’s parents–will descend on us and be with us for 3 days.  I feel like I’m not ready and that I can’t get ready until I get through the school stuff.

My CS II students finish up their “real-world” projects this week, only I don’t think any of them will be completely finished.  We were all a bit too ambitious in what we took on.  What I’m encouraging them to do is reflect on what they accomplished, what they learned, and what they could have done differently to reach a better conclusion.  I’m planning to survey them on whether they’d do something like this again, or if they would like to do something different.  Live and learn.

My CS I students have finished their projects mostly, and they’ve turned out well.  That class will wrap up nicely.

In Middle School, I have the usual stragglers, students who’ve failed to turn in an assignment or two along the way.  This is my last week with them, so I have to track them down.

For all of the above, there will be the inevitable grading and commenting.  That will take a while.

Looking ahead to summer, I have an ambitious one planned, one that includes learning new things and making changes to my curriculum.  I’ve already been thinking about a schedule for that that allows me to get things done and have some down time.  I do have vacations planned, but the summer seems far too short to get everything done.  I have high hopes and high expectations.  But right now, I look forward to the weekend (already!).