One thing (maybe two)

As the end of the year approaches, I’m realizing a) how much I have left to do; and b) how much I want to accomplish this summer.  It feels a little overwhelming, so I need a plan to help me focus and feel like I’m making progress without getting stressed out.  On the way home, I came up with a plan.  Every day after school, I’m going to one home thing and one work thing.  Each night I’m going to decide what the things are, so I don’t come home and go, soooo what should I do and then three hours of blog reading goes by.  And here, to keep myself honest, I’m fleshing out what I have to do and posted in the sidebar is my list of things.  I love public accountability!!

The house has descended into a bit of chaos and with Geeky Boy graduating in just a few weeks, we need to get back on top of things.  I’ve asked the whole family to subscribe to the one thing concept as well, so I think that will work out.  Today, I tackled the kitchen.  The kids have slacked a little on keeping up with it, so I just dove in today and made that my one thing.

Work stuff is slightly more complicated.  For what I’m doing at home, I’m mostly focusing on planning for next year.  This year’s remaining work is going to get done during the school day.  I’m trying to be more explicit about my curriculum for both CS I and II, so I’m expanding my existing Google docs, and I’m going to build out some things in a course management system.  I’m trying to basically create a textbook for CS I, thus the Google docs.  I’m also revamping my MS curriculum.  I’m still thinking through what I want to do, but I have a lot of ideas, including adding more hands on, working with things stuff, and some blended learning stuff–which I’m *very* excited about.  Also I have to prep for my new Physical Computing class, which is going to require some learning on my part.

Yes, that’s a lot. But I do think it’s doable. I could see getting most of the CS I stuff done before the end of the school year since it’s basically tweaking what I already have. And since my MS classes only meet a couple of times a week for 10 weeks, there’s not that much material. The physical computing class involves my crazy gps cat tracking idea.  I’m too excited about that one for my own good.

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  1. I think it’s great that you’re making a schedule of things to work on. All too often can people get bogged down on the web or in other tasks. Scheduling does indeed keep us honest (and putting said schedule on your blog doubly so). In a Computer Ethics course I’m taking, we recently discussed how time can seem to move much more quickly when using the Internet or connected devices. You’ve taken the first step in working against that by realizing how often you can get distracted. I think if everyone kept a schedule like this, they might be more apt to not while away their time on web.

  2. Our house has become a disaster area this spring, so just this week I came up with the idea of putting away 5 things each day — totally do-able, and if I keep it up, everything should be much less cluttered by the time work eases up and I could do actual cleaning. (And unloading the dishwasher doesn’t count toward the 5 things!)

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