My students rock

As I was leaving my CS II class today, I thought again about how great that class is. I have so much fun with them. We do a lot of programming, but sometimes we talk about random things. Once we talked about how women’s schools get less money because men control the budget in most households so charitable giving goes to their school. Today, we talked about boys in tech camps and how sexism starts early. That’s all mixed in with data structures and object-oriented programming. It’s what makes it fun, and most of the time, the topics are relevant and timely.

20130403-202050.jpgTonight, I had the great pleasure of watching three of my CS II students get awards from NCWIT. Two of my students won the Philadelphia area award and one was a runner up. Tonight they were honored at a ceremony and dinner. It was great hanging out with them and talking to their parents, all of whom I think are great people. They’re very supportive of their girls and the CS program at school, for which I’m very grateful. I’m very proud of them, and it’s a pleasure to work with them. The parents were trying to credit me, but really, all I did was point them in the right direction. The students did most of the work themselves and their parents did a lot in the summers and after school. It is a joy to see them do well. I’m looking forward to pointing more of them in the right direction.

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  1. What a wonderful picture, and despite what you might say to the contrary, what a wonderful testament to you as a teacher and leader!

    You give me hope that one day, when I am finally done with the higher ed world, there is a place to be a useful and creative educator in other areas too. Some of the hardest work I ever did was as a teacher of high school prior to coming to higher ed, and in some ways I think it was the work that mattered the most as well.

    Here’s hoping I will still have the energy and the brain cells to go back there once I am done with this gig 🙂



  2. Barbara, there are great things in your future! Thanks for your encouragement! Maybe the fab five can create something together again.

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