Friday Tabs

I’m notorious for having 50 tabs open in my browser.  I do sometimes collect these things into Diigo or elsewhere, but often they just sit in my browser, and I visit them again later.  So I thought I’d collect them here, and you can all peer into my private browser life.

And that’s just my home computer . . .

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8 Replies to “Friday Tabs”

  1. This is so reassuring! When my colleagues glance over my shoulder and see so many tabs open they tend to respond in either shock or horror – or possibly both.

    I keep things open because I want to do something with them. Maybe read it more fully, maybe write a blog post about it, maybe figure out how it works in my classroom. Now this tab will stay open so I can follow the comments for a bit!

  2. Here’s my full disclosure of current tabs open:
    * Gmail
    * ACM Skillport (Skillsoft course) page with some courses on SAP
    * Gmail attachment PDF of my daughter’s upcoming flight plans
    * IEEE CS CSDP page
    * YouTube of Megan Smith’s keynote at an IEEE Women in Engineering event
    * IEEE Communications Society March 2013 Publications Digest
    * Microsoft Virtual Academy
    * Google Reader
    * 🙂
    * Salon article about Sylvia Todd
    * Kimberly Clark rebate
    * Uncommon Goods for The Storymatic Game
    * Google Calendar
    * Planarity
    * GoodReads
    * Sherwood Smith’s What are you Reading Wednesday post in the Book View Cafe
    * Winshark network monitoring software page
    * Facebook

  3. Then there are those of us who cannot have anything open. Of course when I want it again I have to go find the stupid thing again. Desk top OCD may be neat but it is not a real good habit.

  4. On the LiveCode. I have spent about 4 hours with LiveCode over the last two days. I thought it might be an interesting direction for my advanced kids. After having spent those four hours trying to figure out how to make a simple adding machine program (add two user entered numbers and put the solution in a text box) I gave up. I simply do not have time to wade through the documentation written for people with high level coding experience. LiveCode has great potential but until a book for beginners is produced the average teacher would not have the time to deal with it.

  5. I got it to install and work. I even got the “Hello World” to work. But they go from “Hello World” to “Better have 20 year programming experience” in the docs I could find. This language is a whole new paradigm to me so it would require some well written docs to tempt me in its direction. I am find through experience most companies do not understand “well written”.

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