Time Passes

How does two weeks go by–just like that?  I’ve had the busiest two weeks, and there’s more to come.  Honestly, I don’t see a break until spring break.  It’s all good stuff, but I really wish I had some time to sit back, think, plan (I’m currently planning classes at night because there’s no time in the day), and reflect.  I pulled out my to-do list yesterday, and sitting there are 3 or 4 long-term projects that I’d hoped to plug away at, but which I haven’t touched.

On the plus side, I’m giving a talk in a couple of weeks at our big national conference.  I also had another talk accepted at another big national conference that happens over the summer.  And I am spearheading a couple of things at school that are starting to come to fruition.  Which takes work, but it’s good work.  I had another robotics competition this weekend, which my Upper School students won (with the help of the boys school down the road, but they did some really good work).  We’re gearing up for another one in a couple of weeks.  I started another club that’s focused on programming, and we have 6 or so students coming.  I’ve helped a student land an externship, written a letter for another to do a programming camp, and I’ve presented my classes to all the grade levels.  Rumor has it that enrollments are going to be up next year.  We’ll just have to see how the schedule falls out.

I’m both excited and nervous most of the time.  I’m excited by all the good work around computing that’s happening at my school, and for myself personally.  But I’m also nervous about living up to expectations.  Stupid imposter syndrome.  But I’m plowing ahead, taking one day at a time.  I hope to be writing here more often.  I miss it.