Setting priorities

I was going to write another “OMG! I’m so busy!” post but I see I did that a week ago. But I am so busy, and one thing I’m struggling with is setting priorities. Right now, I’m mostly going with what’s most immediate. If it’s due tomorrow, that’s what I’m working on. Tomorrow, I give a talk, so today I created visuals, and in a few minutes, I’m re-reading my notes. Sigh.

I really do need the break that’s coming up in a little over two weeks. Most of the work that’s stressing me out a bit right now will be done by then. To some extent, it will be downhill after that. But before that, there are talks to give (yes, multiple), programs to write, classes to plan, robotics competitions to participate in, meetings to lead, documents to write and trips (yes, multiple) to plan.

Somehow it will all get done.

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  1. Yerg. My daughter is in this state right now, but she’s insisting that she do the things that are due next week. Probably there’s some good to that, too, since it means she’s making sure she makes time for the “not urgent, but important” category.

    I think that is a tough nut to crack for people who have intensive daily schedules (i.e. teachers, doctors, etc.).

  2. When it comes to priorities, many people seem to forget what it most important in life and focus on whats needs to be down right than and there. According to -setting-priorities article, there are three mistakes we make when deciding what priorities are important, which are we don’t think about it, we live life according to what we see is needed to be down, and since we don’t separate daily events into caterogies we end up short on deadlines, and objectives that will cause us some type of stress. 2nd mistake is that we make it too complicated. In other words when we do set priorities, we over think each situation and end up making every thing a priority because we put to much thought in the ones that shouldn’t even matter, causing more problems and stress on ourselves. 3rd Mistake is that we don’t live our priorities, we sat priorities but when it comes to actually putting these objectives in play, we don’t follow them. Sometimes we lose confidence in what we are doing, get nervous and do whatever we think needs to be done at that very moment. For instance when it comes to completing assignments for school, instead of starting on major projects and papers that are due maybe 3 weeks from now, I complete assignments thats due the same week, and end up doing those major assignments the day before or when it comes to hanging out with my boyfriend vs. Completing school work, I try to make my relationship a priority over my academic work, when it should be the other way around. Needless to say, in order to set those priorities when must stick to them and live by them.

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