First day

And so it begins! Last night, we enjoyed watching tv with Geeky Girl and her friend. The music was theirs, but they made references to older music, like MC Hammer, old Michael Jackson, and others. That sent us to Google and YouTube, where we watched Hammertime and Hungry like the Wolf. We made it to midnight and called our relatives. We were asleep by 12:30.

I enjoyed being online last night, seeing friends post to Facebook and Twitter. In fact, I’ve been thinking lately about being connected online. When I posted about Geeky Boy the other day, I didn’t just hesitate for privacy reasons, but also because over the years, my blogging has shifted to being primarily professional, as has most of my online activity. Back in the old days of blogging, we used to say that part of what was refreshing about blogging was the mix of the professional with the personal. It helped us see people as human.

Bryan Alexander has posted about returning to blogging. I think we started around the same time. I’m still reading so many of the people I started blogging with, and count them as friends, as people I’d look up if I were in town, and would hope they’d do the same. Nine years is a long time.

I also agree with Bryan about the ownership issue. I’ve owned this space for five or six years, at least. And while I love connecting via Facebook and Twitter, they own that space. I talk to kids about that when I do sessions on “Internet safety”. So many of them entrust their photos to FB and Instagram, and I ask them if they really own those photos. They’re surprised to find out they don’t.

Blogging for me has always been about connecting, but also about reflecting, about thinking out loud about issues, both personal and professional. I look forward to a year of doing more of that. Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Oh so many years ago it seems that I started posting things online. Website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, and now it’s coming full circle?

    I enjoy blogs that have a personal tone. Makes me feel like I’m not reading a press release or dry bit of review.
    Real people win the day.

    Geeks rule.

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