Clean slate

Although managing money is my only real resolution this year, I am taking the few days I have before I go back to work to create a clean (or cleaner) slate to start from. I’m using Unclutter Your Life in One Weekas a guide. I’ve been an avid reader of Unclutterer, the blog, for a while now, and have found much of the advice useful. I made great strides this summer, dumping a ton of stuff, but then school started, and despite my best efforts, I couldn’t keep up even for a couple of weeks.

Clutter really does bother me, but I often don’t tackle it because it’s not always just my clutter. Mr. Geeky and the kids leave stuff all over the place. For a while, I’ll pick up after them or otherwise admonish them to please, please clean up after themselves. But it gets tiring, and then I just join in the clutter making because it’s easier. Mr. Geeky also doesn’t like clutter, but then he also doesn’t get rid of stuff. He keeps things for sentimental value or “just in case.” I’ve always been a purger, even if I’m not so neat. I regularly get rid of clothes and papers. While Mr. Geeky has t-shirts that are 20 years old, most of the clothes I have are less than 5 years old and much of it is only 1 or 2 years old. I’ve thrown out diaries and old school papers. There’s a box somewhere with Mr. Geeky’s stuff in it. The thing is, once we’re gone, someone else is going to throw it out. I’ve seen this happen with grandparents and other relatives. What’s most important is the relationships you have, and sometimes stuff gets in the way. What’s ironic is that I don’t push Mr. Geeky or the kids to declutter to preserve those relationships. All I can do is try to convince them through word and action.

So, I’ll create my own clean slate, and maybe they’ll follow my lead. Maybe I’ll convince them eventually. Or we’ll revert back to chaos.